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Championship game tonight !!

Chefs vs Shockers
Sunday, April 2, 6:45pm  

February '17
Message from Rick Kelly
At this time our regular season is over.  Remaining RVAHA games don’t count towards playoffs.  I’ve reviewed the scoresheets a number of times and believe this to be correct.  I am missing the score on the game Wednesday Nov 23 between the Cyclones and Shamrocks.  Just a blank scoresheet.  So, I awarded each team a tie.  All teams have 21 reg season games + preseason and extra games at end of reg season (no point games) .  Rke College has 12 reg season games and 1 preseason.

First Place – Chefs –      19 wins     2 losses -   0 ties = 38 points
2nd Place – Shockers      14 wins     6 losses -   1 ties =  29 points
3rd Place – Shamrocks     7 wins   10 losses     4 ties = 18 points
4th Place – Beavers -        6 Wins   10 losses     5 ties = 17 points
5th Place – Cyclones         6 Wins   11 losses     4 ties = 16 points
6th Place – Rke College   0 Wins   12 losses     0 ties = 0 points

So, the playoff schedule is as follows
Game 69 Tues    March 28 7:15pm   Beavers vs Cyclones – Playin game
Game 70 Thurs  March 30 7:15pm   Chefs vs Winner Game 69 – Semi-Final
Game 71 Sat      April 1       5:30pm   Shockers vs Shamrocks – Semi Final
Game 72 Sunday April 2   6:45pm   Winner Game 70 vs Winner Game 71 – Championship game

For ties in all games except finals – 5 min OT and then Shootout
For Tie in final , 20 min sudden death periods till we get a winner. 

As I’ve mentioned a number of times all players payments must be up to date before they can play.  Teams will forfeit the game with players that have not met the requirement.  Thanks 

March-April '17